Redoc Invest

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions that may also interest you;

Redoc Invest is a flexible Real Estate Investment Initiative that creates a beautiful life to all Party Involved by Making Life Beautiful. It has the opportunity for every Investor to earn 15%, 30%, 45% and 75% Return on Investment over a period of One (1) Month to Twenty-Four (24) Months with T & C.

This investment initiative is by REAL ESTATE DR’S ENTERPRISE LTD. (REDOC) with RC 1730642, a renowed real estate development company in Nigeria. We have a trusted brand that can be attested to by

hundred of clients.

Our team of financial experts and real estate professionals are driven by the passion to help reduce the societal gap between the rich and poor by creating various investments opportunities for everyone regardless of their social status.

As the Name Implies, Real Esate Dr’s Enterprise Ltd is a Real Estate Companies that cut across every aspect of Real estate Just like A standard Hospitality services cut across different facet of human Body.

The Motto of Real Estate Dr’s is “Making Life Beautiful”, So the Funds will be used to promote, develop and enhance everything that will make life Beautiful after we have conduct a thorough Research on Locations, problems prone to quick appreciation. People love to invest in things that will make their life Beautiful at any cost.

Redoc-invest is absolute the best real estate investment initiative for anyone who loves their “sleep” and “peace of mind”.

As a Subscriber to our investment plans, you will get a mail notification from us stating the details of your investment, including the amount invested, investment plan and ROI Percentage. You will also get a notification from us two (2) weeks before the maturity date.

1. Deed of Assignment: This documents states the date of Investment, tenure, and maturity period of your investment.
2. Payment Receipt: This is the proof of payment stating your investment subscription to within the preferred time frame.
3.Post-dated Cheque: To receive your payment at investment maturity
4.Insurance Document: contract of insurance between the insurance company and the policyholder containing the key features, terms and conditions